Whiskey Your Way: What’s Your Flavor?

Which would you order at the bar?

What’s your go-to garnish?

What's your favorite mixer?

If you were James Bond, what drink-prep style would you be known for?

What’s your evening vibe?

Which party-planning detail is most important to get right?

How do you prefer to spend your vacation?

How would you rather celebrate your birthday?

How would you spend your ideal Saturday?

If you could add any famous person to your crew for one night, you’d be most likely to choose….

Whiskey Your Way: What’s Your Flavor?
Ginger Spice is your flavor

Curious by nature, you love to try new things. A spicy new spin on a classic idea will pique your interest, while traditional might bore you. You don’t take yourself too seriously and are unafraid to seize the moment. Often the life of the party, you can be found dancing the night away or planning your next big adventure. Try Cask & Crew’s Kickin’ Mule recipe, featuring your flavor. Find a retailer near you.
Orange Roasted is your flavor

A free spirit and often the outdoorsy type, you can’t be tamed for long. You know what you like and order it confidently. You prefer experience over presentation and take joy in life’s simple pleasures. You’d rather sit fireside with friends than courtside at the game and you’d sooner dance under the stars than in the club. Fresh flavors and roasty aromas, nothing fancy—that’s you! Try Cask & Crew’s Out with the Old, In with the Orange recipe, featuring your flavor. Find a retailer near you.
Walnut Toffee is your flavor

Always poised with a touch of class, you have acquired tastes and enjoy the finer things in life. You’re always prepared, arrive fashionably late, and know how to add that special something to any presentation. You know your preferences and unapologetically indulge in decadence when the occasion calls for it. You never skip dessert and always bring cultured conversation to the table. Try Cask & Crew’s Hacked Russian recipe, featuring your flavor. Find a retailer near you.

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