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Cask and Crew Small Batch Whiskey

Why a 51/49 blend?

Rye Whiskey is bold, robust, spicy, and slightly dry. Corn whiskey is sweet and full bodied. By combining the two in nearly even parts, the experience is smooth yet profoundly flavorful.

Defining small batch

For batch 1 of each variety, we had a total of 19 barrels tapped to achieve our 1500 gallon batch sizes. That’s roughly 7500 bottles each.

Cask and Crew Kentucky Corn Whiskey
Cask and Crew Straight Rye Whiskey

More about the rye

FARM Our Rye is grown in Canada. Rye grown in colder climates provides a more flavorful grain for distillation.

DISTILLATION The Rye mash is then distilled in Canada in traditional column-stills.

BARRELS/AGING Aged for three years in New American charred Oak Barrels. Char temperature approx. 1800 degrees F. Our 53 gallon, American Oak Barrels produce aging notes of vanilla, caramel, and smoke. The varying climate (cold to hot) puts added stress on the aging process and enhances the smoothness of the whiskey.

Cask and Crew Kentucky Corn Whiskey

More about the corn

FARM Proudly grown in the American Midwest Corn belt.

DISTILLATION The Corn mash is distilled in America’s Whiskey heartland: Kentucky.

BARRELS/AGING Aged for three years in New American un-charred Oak 53-gallon barrels.

Cask and Crew Whiskey Barrels

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