A whiskey “corrected”

One of our Sicilian born crew members introduced us to a phrase none of us had heard before - “caffè corretto” which translates to a coffee corrected. In Italy, this is a common saying when ordering a coffee or espresso with a small amount of liqueur, most often Sambuca or brandy. It started catching on amongst the crew members, when it hit us... this was exactly what we wanted to do with our whiskey - add desirable flavors that both unite and respect the balanced blend of Rye and Corn.

When we were experimenting and playing with different flavor profiles, we landed on Walnut Toffee, Ginger Spice, and Orange Roasted as our own “corrections." And, thus, a whiskey corrected was born. On each of these bottles containing infusions of flavor, there is a description of how the flavor “corrected” the whiskey.


Our 51% Rye/49% American corn blend is so unique, you can actually taste the difference in every sip. The quality is superb while respecting the integrity of the whiskey, which was carefully chosen from well renowned distillers in Canada and Kentucky. It took our crew many iterations of taste testing over a 10 month span, sampling many different profiles, until we finally landed on our superior and uncommon craft brand. It just clicked. And we knew we had created a standout combination, all the while, respecting the whiskey.


The first sip is
extremely generous
with an uncanny
smooth whiskey/rye
blend followed by a
hint of bitter walnut,
golden toffee or
earthy spice.

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