Five Famous Women Who Whiskey

By Mary Rose DeMarco, Creative & Branding Director

Whiskey has a reputation as a man’s drink—the sort of thing Clint Eastwood would order at a frontier saloon or Frank Sinatra would sip on during a night on the town with the Rat Pack.

But—surprise, boys!—women are some of the most important drivers of today’s whiskey renaissance.

Back in the 1990s, only around 15% of whiskey drinkers in the United States were female. But by the early 2000s, that number had climbed to about 37%, according to Whiskey Women author Fred Minnick’s research.

“Women are absolutely the future of whiskey,’ Minnick told NPR.

To celebrate this female-driven future utopia, we’re highlighting five whiskey-loving women, past and present, who make us all proud to say “bottoms up!”

Lady Gaga

During a performance at Dublin’s 02 arena, Lady Gaga proudly dedicated a song to “my longtime boyfriend Jameson’ who was “always there for me” when she needed him. Spoiler alert: She was talking about the famous Irish whiskey. If the good Lady is ready for another bad romance, we suggest our own Ginger Spice Whiskey.

Margaret Thatcher

“You must have whiskey to give you energy” is one of The Iron Lady’s lesser-known quotations, but if you ask us it’s one of her best! Whiskey fortified and sustained Thatcher throughout her long reign as Britain’s first female Prime Minister. She was particularly fond of mixing her drinks with copious quantities of soda. Maybe she would have liked our Rye Whiskey blend, which goes perfectly with soda water.


“This whiskey got me feelin’ pretty,’ begins “Higher,” a song from Rihanna’s 2016 album Anti. That’s just the start! A cursory perusal of the Barbadian singer’s lyrics reveal myriad references to spirits on tracks like “Cheers (Drink to That).” Plus, she recently pulled a total #WomenWhoWhiskey move by sneaking a flask bracelet into Coachella.

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner loved acting, appearing in more than 60 films over her long and glamorous career. Perhaps the only thing the Oscar-nominated actress adored more than the silver screen was the warm taste of whiskey. Gardner was such a fan that she famously stated she “wished to die” with a glass in hand… at the merry-old age of 150! Alas, she passed away at 67—but undoubtedly had a whiskey well within reach.

Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw is the whiskey-loving celebrity of the people. Proof? What items does your average whiskey lover buy when shopping in disguise at a local grocery store? You guessed it! A bottle of Jim Beam and some Ruffles potato chips. (We have to assume that Cask & Crew was simply out of stock.) And how does your typical whiskey-loving everywoman celebrate the premiere of her newest Hollywood blockbuster? That’s right! By downing shots of bourbon on the red carpet.

And here’s the most important tell: how does a true whiskey lover prepare for a passionate scene with Chris Pratt? You already know the answer! A little whiskey to calm the ol’ nerves. If Jennifer Lawrence were any more like us, she would eat cake frosting with a spoon.

Any famous women who whiskey I’m missing? Or maybe it’s you. Leave a comment below and tell us about your whiskey crew.

And if you’re ready to take the plunge, consider joining groups like Women Who Whiskey or Whisky Chicks which can connect you with spirit sisters and help you learn more about whiskeys, bourbons, and cocktail culture. We recently sponsored and participated in a Whisky Chicks Strut event in Louisville, KY which was a blast!

It’s a crazy amazing time for whiskey, so as we like to say, take the time.

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