Behind the Crew

We are a CREW of cocktail enthusiasts, but when it comes to whiskey, we have a few virgins as well as connoisseurs amongst us. Together, we set out on a mission to create a smooth yet complex premium whiskey. The key? Don’t disrespect the whiskey. We came up the word “corrected” - one of us thought it was a cool way to describe what we were out to accomplish. With that, we were determined to blend a whiskey-forward profile, and ‘correct it’ with a few relevant flavors. Our CREW believes we stumbled upon the “gateway” to brown spirits.

We defined a rare and freakishly balanced blend of the best CASK aged Kentucky Whiskey and Canadian Rye. Next we took an artisanal approach to some sweet and smoky notes. Our CREW’S character is one of true transparency, a willingness to be exposed and vulnerable, for the good of the whiskey. Our playground was messy at times, but in the end, we got ourselves a real game changer - a whiskey corrected.

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